The Shire of Narrental presents...

 Clown Tourney

  Persian Days
Arabian Nights
September 20, 2014

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Site Fee:
$5 per adult ($2.50 child*)
($5 non-member surcharge)
Family cap is $25
(* ages 5-12)

 Lunch (11:30am - 1:30pm):
$5 Meal-Deal
(menu to come shortly)
a la carte selection

Site Hours:
Opens at 9 am
Closes at 6 pm

Event Steward:

Angus O’Neil (David Quigney)


William Paca Lodge (IAC)
1510 Delaware Road
Logansport, IN  46947

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  Archery: (TBA)
> Warm-ups & Authorizations, 9am
>Youth Tourney/Adult Pick-ups, 10am
>Adult Round Robin/Dice* Tourney, 11am - 3pm
>Open List, 3-5pm
Thrown Weapons: 
> open range, 10am - noon
> open practice, 1pm - 2pm
> contest throw, 2pm

A&S Bean-Count (anything Middle Eastern, in any medium)

There will be surprise contests throughout the day... watch for them

Two sets of dice rolls... first to select weapons style, second (optional) to decide how opponent must be killed.  If win is without using the second roll, gain 1 point; if win uses the second roll, then a gain of 3 points.  Total points accumulated determines winner of Tourney.

The Logansport Little Theater will be presenting Mary Shelly's Frankenstein at 7pm at the McHale Center
... discount tickets available at Troll ...